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GoPro Hero Watch

Date / Time


Fall 2022

4 Weeks



ArtCenter College of Design

Pasadena, CA

Project Description


This was a 4 week long project for a 3D modeling class. We had to design a smartwatch for a company that didn't have one already.

inspiration 1.png

For my brand, I chose GoPro since they are known for their compact cameras. I used their design language to imagine what a smartwatch by GoPro would possibly look like.


While doing more research on cameras, I was inspired by the camera UI of the Samsung Flip series which splits the top and bottom of the screen for different types of information.

inspiration 1.png
watch sketch.png
Testing Possibilities

I started out with sketching to figure out the ideal form and how the watch body would attach onto the strap.

Testing Functionality

The second page of sketches focused more on which direction the watch face would open up. I took into consideration of different situations this product would be in use.

watch call out.png
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