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B&O Porter

Date / Time


Summer 2022

14 weeks



ArtCenter College of Design

Pasadena, CA

Project Description


This Bang & Olufsen speaker was made for a prototyping class. We used existing parts from a speaker to design our own functioning model. 

Product Mood

Exploring forms

Using the mood board as inspiration, I sketched out possible forms of the speaker. When sketching, I mapped out the possible placements of buttons and speakers.

Untitled_Artwork 136.jpg
Bringing sketches to life

For the first few weeks, we got our favorite design sketches and made some basic foam mockups of the designs. These mockups helped me get a better feel for the product's size and also figure out how big the product has to be to fit all the electronics inside.

Interior architecture

After deciding the form, I had to figure out how to put all the components inside. I isolated the speakers for better sound quality and added radiators on the side to relieve the sound pressure.

Adding color

I coated the foam with multiple layers of primer coated it with automotive paint. The paint was wet-sanded for a cleaner surface.

Finishing Touches

I created a spring board for the buttons and assembled all the parts together. The front plate was covered with speaker fabric and attached with magnets. I put a small dent on the bottom left corner for the Bang & Olufsen logo.